Lilies and Chillies

Growers of perennial plants & bulbs; some unusual, some rare and some simply traditional and of course lilies and chillies..

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Sneeboer Garden Tools


As well as great plants gardeners need love, patience and good gardening tools so we are privileged to sell a range from Sneeboer.


These are high quality, hand forged stainless steel tools perfect for a gift or to covet yourself. Take a look at the Sneeboer web site ( to see what is available, there is something for every job. We do not carry every item in stock but it is always possible to order them for you.


Gold Leaf Gloves


We also stock Gold Leaf Gloves, endorsed by the R.H.S.; they are the world’s finest gardening gloves. Take a look


If you have any questions please contact us.


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