Lilies and Chillies

Growers of perennial plants & bulbs; some unusual, some rare and some simply traditional and of course lilies and chillies..

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We offer a number of gardening and plant related talks suitable for clubs and societies.  You can select from:


"I've got a good idea" - a light hearted look at how we started the nursery combined with seasonal plant high lights.


Lilies and companion plants - a review of the different groups of lilies and their growing requirements and uses in the garden.


Plants for shade - a look at plants that perform well in shade.


Poison in the garden - quite surprising how many good garden plants can cause you harm should you decide to use them in the kitchen.


Plants looking good - a seasonal review of plants that are looking good at the time of the talk.


Bulbs throughout the year


If you are interested in any of these talks please contact us for more details.